Side Stroke


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SIDE STROKE: BODY POSITION (materials: sponges, temp tattoos, shaving cream, buoyant aids, sidewalk chalk, washable markers)Side glides with kick: your face is robotic: you can’t get it wet.Deep end wallPush off the wall and see who can side glide underwater the farthestStarting in shallow end:Side glide with flutterkick keeping sponge on shoulder (25m 1 side 25m other)Starting Shallow:Apply temporary tattoo to shoulders, keep tattoo dry as sideglide with kick 25m (1 side and the other) **alternate** use stickers or use washable felt markers to draw on the shoulder.

Starting shallow:

Shaving cream on their head, who can keep theirs from washing away?

Shallow end or “red line”

The class joins hands above their heads with a person across from them to create a tunnel.  Two deepest people side glide through and join the tunnel; the next two deepest people glide through; until the tunnel gets to the shallow wall

SIDE STROKE: LEGSTots pool “scrunch stretch snap”. No “doggy pee pee on fire hydrant” (this would be whip kick if the legs separate or top leg comes up)Teaching scissor kick in the tots pool will prevent whip kick on their side because their bottom leg would hit the floor or the top leg would break the surface.  The shallow water forces legs to slice forward and back, NOT up and down.DeckExplain that scissor kick slices back and forth like swimming in a tunnel with a low ceiling and shallow water.  If feet go deep or come out of the water then it is  whip kick and looks like a dog “pee pee”-ing on a fire hydrant.  I say “no dog pee pee” as a verbal cueDeep End WallWith elbows on the wall, or elbows in the gutter have students line up with their armpits, ribs and hips against the wall.  Practice “read set go” leg position or lunge leg position (bend one forward, one back), followed by a snap and return to pencil legs (legs side by side straight and pointed).  The wall keep them from doing a whip kick to the side.  Repeat on both sides.  Then practice vertically in deep end with a noodle under armpits or water belts on.Shallow/waist deep water

Have students lunge walk 10 m

Shallow/waist deep water

Lead like an “aqua fit” class.  Have students jump and lunge alternating legs.  After 10 reps have them lunge then bring feet together “parallel” or like “pencil legs” before lunging on the other leg.

Tots/beach/zero depth/stairs

Student lay on their side and practice scissor kicks without touching the floor or having legs come out of the water.

Deep water

Do vertical scissor kick with a noodle or waterbelt and see who pops up the highest

On deck

Trace a partner’s legs in the 3 positions, glide (legs together), get ready (legs bent), and power (scissor legs straight), with sidewalk chalk.

In shallow/chest deep

With one arm against the wall, students practice side stroke kick.  Spray a little shaving cream in the water and students must use their sidestroke kick to break up the foamy pieces until they dissolve in the water.

On deck

Have students spray a little shaving cream on the inside of one leg.  Use scissor kicks to smear the shaving cream onto the other leg.  (if they are doing whip kick the shaving cream wouldn’t smear).

SIDE STROKE: ARMSIn chest deep:Imagine picking an apple out of a tree, passing to the other hand, putting into a basket.  Practice vertical (reaching into the air) 5 reps, followed by 10 reps in the water.In chest deep:Line students up in two lines.  They should stand with arms stretched out fingertip to fingertip.  The deepest person on each team gets a duck/toy.  On “GO” they must pass the duck/toy like side stroke arms to the next person.  Fastest team wins.In chest deep:Imagine gathering snow or sand to dig someone out: front arm digs/hugs and the back arm pushes it out of the way.In chest deep:

Disco dancing.  Sing “staying alive” with disco arms pointing diagonally up and down opposite from each other meeting in the middle.

BIG Circle in shallow (arms stretched, hand to hand distance apart):

Pass the clap.  Instructor starts by clapping hands together then with one hand high fiving the person beside them who then claps, followed by the next.  Try to go faster and faster, or try to get a rhythm going.

**alternate** instructor starts with paint or with shaving cream and passes it from one hand to the other, and then to the next person that passes it to the next, until it gets back to the original person.

SIDE STROKE: CO-ORDINATION AND TIMINGBend and SNAP  (Like from Legally Blonde the movie)Bend together snap together glide togetherScrunch and stretchImagine holding a shaving cream bottle in one hand.  As you bend you pass it to the bottom hand while legs scrunch up, followed by stretching out to pretend to spray shaving cream down your leg.Using chalk swimmers must draw a line from their chest to their knees, passing the chalk to the other hand during the recovery stage.  During the power phase they draw down their leg.  Repeat on the way back up.(younger kids) Put super hero stickers or tattoos, on each hand and on each knee.   Imagine that they need to get together to “POWER UP” in order to glide to take over the world.